As you listen to all of us on WGNA we are usually drinking or eating something at some point during our shifts. I am guilty of leaving a coffee cup behind in the studio every once in a while.

Scotty Blaine has left lasagna, ravioli and an occasional stromboli behind. For Lou Roberts it is usually pie of some sort. So I have complied this list of the top 5 pies Lou has left a piece of behind in the studio with links to recipes for each.

5. Apple Pie - It's all American and very Country.
4. Pecan Pie -  I actually ate this one. LOL
3. Blueberry Pie -  At least its rich in antioxidants.
2. Chocolate Pie- Just like John Anderson's lyric in the classic song "Swingin."
1. Coconut Cream Pie - I didn't think anyone ate this anymore.

Do you have people that leave food out at work? Let us know.