If you have one of those doorbell cameras, you assume you'll find footage of people coming to your door, you mailman, or even the neighborhood cats. One Selkirk household saw something they definitely didn't expect!

Brian Murphy and his girlfriend woke up one morning with trash all over their driveway. It was so much trash, that they thought that someone was playing a prank on them. Luckily for them, they had a motion-activated Ring camera and started watching the footage in hopes to catch who was pranking them. That's not exactly what they found, according to CBS 6.

They found that it wasn't a person pranking them, but a black bear going through their trash. A second video showed that the original bear wasn't alone and a second one was looking for a quick snack too.

Murphy and his girlfriend said they thought the video was cool but will be a little more cautious now that they know who their nighttime neighbors could be. They've caught deer and even coyote on the camera before but this is the first time they've seen bears in their yard.

You'd think they'd do whatever they could to keep the bears out for safety. Though, they've been researching something to keep the bears out of the trash, Murphy said, "the idea of them coming back is strangely exciting.”

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