Do you have a kid that likes to dress up as their favorite characters? Imagine that kid walking into a group of older kids and singing the song from what they're dressed up us. That's what happened in Ballston Spa.

Frozen was one of the biggest Disney movies in history and now with Frozen 2, you can't go anywhere without seeing Elza, Anna, Kristof, and Olaf's faces - including McDonalds.

A young girl decided to wear her Elza dress out with her family and they stopped at McDonalds. That's when the entire Ballston Spa Middle School Drama Club Launching Pad decided to break out in song to "Let It Go," the notable song from the first movie. You can see the little girl with her family in the back in the video. She seems shy and can't believe it's happening.

How cool is it that a group of middle schoolers got together to sing for a little girl they didn't know, just to make her smile, and it worked!

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