There's another way for adults to cool off on a hot summer day. This frozen treat is available, if your are of age, that is not only is it refreshing, but you can enjoy a little frozen alcohol too. A few weeks ago, I told you about the adult freeze pops that are available (online only) that contain eight percent alcohol and come in a variety of frozen drink flavors. Now there is another frozen treat that contains alcohol for the adult that wishes to cool off and kick back.

According to Good Housekeeping, a company called Buzz Pop Cocktails has created a boozy push pop. These "adult push pops" use fresh seasonal fruit whipped into a sobet and mixed with 15% top shelf liquors.

They are available in eight flavors: Blueberry Mojito, Lemon Drop Martini, Southern Belle, Pink Paradise, Caribbean Breeze, Mango Passion Fruit, Watermelon Patch, and Moscow Mule. You can only order them online by clicking HERE.