The real estate market in the Capital Region has never been hotter, but even in a hot market sometimes it takes a little cold magic to help sell a house. That's where Elsa from Frozen comes in to help.

Ok, it's not actually Elsa from the Disney hit movie, it's actually Realtor Rebekah O'Neil from Howard Hannah dressed as Elsa and trying some creative marketing to sell a client's home in Clifton Park.

I asked Rebekah if this was something she does a lot with her listings? She told me that, "It's not for all my clients or all the houses I sell. But it's fun when someone is up for it." She was originally inspired by a realtor in California that did a home listing with pictures of them dressed in an inflatable T-Rex costume. The listing went viral and it actually helped sell the house.

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I asked Rebekah what the reaction of her clients and other realtors has been to the crazy pictures and it seems the response has been really positive. She said, "I think people get tired of seeing home after home. So I think for the most part everyone loves a little bit of entertainment. Changes up the routine a bit." So, does it actually help sell homes or just something fun and different? "For 2020. Saratoga County days on Market average was 43 I believe." Rebekah said, "My average days on the market for 2020 was 21 days. I think all the marketing helps tremendously! Also, preparation and staging.

Check out the pictures of Rebekah O'Neil dressed as Elsa from one of her latest listings as well as some of the other characters that have shown up in her listings in the past including Bell from Beauty and the Beast, a unicorn, and Mary Poppins.

Oh and if you're interested in "Elsa's house" check out the listing HERE.

Realtor Dresses As Elsa From Frozen To Sell House


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