Were you at Secret Star on Wednesday? We had probably one of the best ones in WGNA history and one of those reasons was because of a little girl LoCash decided to bring on stage.

At one point in the show, LoCash noticed a little girl in the audience at Proctors making a heart shape with her hands and they invited her on stage. They had her show off her singing ability and eventually sang some of Disney's classics with her.

Along with LoCash on the stage were Jordan Davis, High Valley, Easton Corbin, and Jimmie Allen who jumped on board to make this little girl's night the best of her life. After she sang a bit with LoCash and got an even-closer-than front row view of their song, they moved the stool to the next artist, and then next artist, and the next, until she sat behind each artist as they performed. Eventually, when she got to Jimmie Allen, he even gave her his jacket! She got to take it home! I can only imagine what a hit she was at school the next day!

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