Christmas has come and gone.

I've already started my shopping for the 2017 holiday.

The worry is always, what if they don't like what I got them?! But, what if we never know how they truly feel?

It turns out that 73% of people pretend they like bad presents and that the average person makes a decision with 5 seconds if they like a present or not. 5 SECONDS?!

But, who is more apt to give the bad gift? I'm sure someone just popped in your head. Was it your significant other? Because an overwhelming amount of people chose their better half! In fact, a bad gift has turned into arguments for many, some leading to an eventual break up! How crazy is that?!

When it comes to relatives, Mom leads the list of bad gifters. Poor Mom! But, those polled said Dad just typically does a better job. Could Mom just be over thinking it? Or did she give you socks and underwear again for the 3rd year in a row?!

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