I traveled all the way to Yellowstone National Park to see a sight like this!  A beautiful baby moose was captured on video gallivanting through the Waterford-Halfmoon area this morning.  It appears to be have been spotted in a residential neighborhood.

CBS 6 News posted video of the majestic animal on their Facebook page and people have started sharing and commenting on the meandering moose.

At the time of this publication, it was unclear if the baby moose trotted back into the woods or was helped along by the DEC.

It's hard to tell just how old the animal is, but speculation is that it's just a baby.  According to livescience.com a full grown moose male can weigh over one thousand pounds, females as much as eight hundred pounds. According to the source while full grown, the animals can grow to as much as six feet tall.

Most of the comments on the WRGB Facebook were from local people stating how they wished they'd be able to witness such a rare and stunning sight.

Charlie Lancto wroteThis area was one loaded with moose all through the Adirondacks. It has taken over a century to see them again 

Jeff Mcormick addedJust a baby! Poor thing, I hope it finds it’s way back to the north without getting hurt!

We agree, let's hope the moose on the loose finds his or her way back to momma!


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