I've been seeing some people post this video of an arrested drunk guy singing the song 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. It was a pop hit for the group Queen in 1976. That was my high school graduating year at Colonie Central High School. That is the reason I thought I would write about this. Back in the day, the legal drinking age was 18-years-old. Some of us would enjoy a few drinks and we'd start getting a little 'happy'. Sometimes 'happy' became 'dumb' and borderline 'stupid.' This is where the video came into play. No, we didn't get arrested, but there was an attempt or two to 'sing' along with whatever was on the radio. Well, I think you can guess how that went.

Unfortunately the guy that got arrested ended up in a video on You Tube. Fortunately for us, no one took a video of us.

Don't you just love web cams in police cars?

Did this remind you of any experiences that you had when you may have gotten a little 'happy'?

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