While the story of the drunken parking lot tug-of-war in Broadalbin was a bit of a head scratcher to begin with, the tale took an intoxicated twist when a woman showed up - highly inebriated herself - attempting to pick up one of the men charged.

According to the Daily Gazette, a drunk Amanda Vannostrand from Broadalbin, arrived at the police barracks in Mayfield on Wednesday to pick up Harold Young, also from Broadalbin who was intoxicated himself.

Young was being held after he was allegedly involved in an altercation earlier in the day with another man in the parking lot of Budget Inn in Broadalbin. Two men, according to the report, were playing a drunken 'tug-of-war' (chains attached to each other's cars) on Wednesday afternoon in the hotel parking lot.

The men were then brought to the state police barracks in Mayfield and Young waited for someone to get him.  That's when Amanda Vannostrand showed up.

According to the report, troopers noticed that something was off with Vannostrand when she arrived at the barracks in Mayfield.  She was indeed intoxicated and tested nearly 3x the legal limit.

Both Young and Vannostrand will appear in court at a later date.



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