To the many brave men and women leaving their families behind to assist in Hurricane Irma relief, THANK YOU!  This storm is a behemoth and the more I obsessively watch and track it, the more anxious I become. These fine men and women may are your neighbors and or family members, and their risking their safety for complete strangers.  There is nothing more noble.

I learned today from a news story on WRGB, that a response team of 35 people, including volunteers, deployed from Guilderland Thursday afternoon to Florida to aid Irma-affected areas. Many of which are from our area, and quite the task awaits them.

Most of the cmembers are from the Capital Region and they're all part of a New York State Urban Search and Rescue task force. They they will be helping to rescue people trapped in their homes, as well as water rescue. They're taking jet skis and inflatable boats as well as other tools, equipment, lumber and even search K9s.  From all of us here at WGNA, good luck and Godspeed.

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