The University of Maryland just did a huge study on internet addiction in 10 different countries.  You may find the results a little alarming.  They found that a shocking number of college students show signs of addiction withdraw, the same signs you see in heavy drug users, after just 24 hours without the use of internet or cell phones.

The United States showed the highest rate of addiction in the study.  It seems that 23% of students in the U.S. show signs of addiction. Almost one in four. That was just ahead of the Chinese who came in at 22%.

The researches said it is another sign that internet addiction is a very real thing.  Even though it is not even close to being recognized as a clinical disorder.  Are you addicted?  I found a website where you can take a quick test to find out. Maybe you and your kids might want to take it just to see if you may have, or be heading towards a problem.

Internet Addiction Test

It can't hurt to know right?

God Bless.