I've only been pulled over once but the officer was great (though he gave me a ticket) but if I was pulled over for something more serious, I don't think I'd know exactly what my rights are. Do you?

I saw on News10 that more than 64% of motorists have anxiety when they're pulled over and out of that 30% say they're afraid. Now, I'm not afraid of officers because they're just doing their job to keep us safe and chances are I know why I was getting pulled over. I usually just do whatever they say but I forget that I actually have specific rights in this situation.

Apparently, as long as you comply, the only thing you're obligated to answer when an officer pulls you over is your identification. A lot of people will start confessing or ask a bunch of questions, maybe even start rattling off excuses but that all may end up in a ticket you weren't going to get anyway.

The other issue is a vehicle search. News10 cited Sarah Schregadus, a defense attorney, who said that if they ask, you have the right to say no and " if it turns out that he inappropriately or improperly searched your car, those issues can be raised later in court."

Any other traffic stop rules of the road that you've seen people mess up?

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