I have started watching the first season of VEEP on Netflix. I guess my binging addiction has begun.  It's creating tension in the family, and I will now sing my tale of woe to explain further.  I watched 3 VEEPS n a row which is a record for me. I think it's going to become a problem though, looking at all the possible shows that you can sit there and watch these days - between cable, Netflix, Amazon Prime and the like.

New Television (Getty)

How many shows have YOU watched in a row from one series, and which ones are your favorites?

This song is a bit of a stretch.  I took a bit of poetic license, shall we say.  I tried to picture a guy on the couch while his wife assumes all of the house duties and what kind of tension that can create.  I used the song "Beachin'", by Jake Owen as the take-off point.  Get it? Beachin' ? -- Bingin'? .  The word fits in perfectly doesn't it?