Have you seen the slogan that the Occupy Wall Street protesters are using?  They have signs that say "We Are The 99%" , meaning we are 99% of the population who make less than $506,000 a year and are being punished by the 1% that are the greediest and pay the least taxes.  Where do you fall in the 99%?  Let's find out:

According to a Wall Street Journal.com blog, there's a quick way to find out what percentile ranking you are.  They have a quick and dirty calculator you can use.  Just plug in your salary and let's see.

(Below  is just a screenshot of what you have to do.  You actually have to go to the Wall Street Journal website  to use the calculator)

Well, I guess it's safe to say that most of us are safely buried in the 99%.  It this the "misery loves company index?"  Did I make your Friday or ruin it?  Either way, I just wanted to give you food for thought!

Have a great weekend, and may your wishes of being in the 1% one day come true!

Screen shot of Wall Street Journal.com calculator




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