I figured out something about myself this weekend.  I'm really good at social distancing.  Stay in, put on sweats, hang out with my son and girlfriend, eat food, watch Netflix, take a nap, sanitize my hands, make a milkshake, text a few friends, and check in on the elderly. I'm a freaking pro after like 3 days.  I'm not saying that I could do this forever, but I'm not saying that couldn't either.

Experts will tell you at least the next few weeks 'people should avoid gathering in public places. People should be at home as much as possible'. 

Wait, you're telling me I get to pretty much just stay inside? I mean considering how busy most of us are, it feels kind of nice to not really have to do shit, unless you really have to do it.

I've canceled plans and have had plans get canceled on me.  It's glorious!  I don't feel bad telling people I can't come to this or that, and if they cancel on me, I may pretend to be bummed on the outside while doing jumping jacks on the inside.

Saturday night, I saw a neighbor of mine while I was walking the dogs.  We talked briefly about social distancing and he shared with me that he was kind of bummed that his birthday party for next weekend had to be canceled.

Trying to remain positive, I told him that it was probably the best thing to do, and that there's always another weekend to have the party.  It took him all of three seconds to level with me. "Personally", he said  "I'm kind of happy about it.  Don't really care for a bunch of my wives friends who were gonna be there anyway!"

See what I mean?  Social distancing: The two week break I think we all needed!

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