Another store will close at the end of this summer. It's sad to see all of these stores that we counted on to be in our malls going away. It seems the malls are making room for more entertainment rather than retail.Colonie Center will lose another legendary store. FYE will be closing its doors at the end of August. Trans World Entertainment, who owns FYE, states that they will put more emphasis on their online sales.

There is a newer concept FYE store in Crossgates that was revamped and opened in the spring of 2016. That store sells more retail items, pop culture clothing, books, vinyl records, candy and even drones. The VIA Port Rotterdam store will also remain open even though both of these stores are owned by Trans World Entertainment and the company says their sales are doing well.

There is a store wide liquidation sale going on now at the Colonie Center location. So sad to see this store go. It has been a staple there since 1997. Well, twenty years ago, is much different than now. Are you thinking about running in to FYE to get the latest cd or poster of your favorite group? Not anymore. Times are changing and unfortunately for this store, more people are just finding what they need online.

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