It looks like another major retailer will be closing all of its stores and one is located in Colonie Center. The internet and online shopping have claimed another brick and mortar store. This time it's Bose. According to News Channel 13, the maker of headphones, smart speakers, car audio systems and more will close all one hundred nineteen stores in North America.

The company does blame e-commerce for the decline of in-store sales. Customers are only buying Bose products online. Not only will they shutter one hundred nineteen stores, but hundreds of employees will also be laid off.

There is a Bose store in Colonie Center that will fall victim to the shutdown. Bose does say that it will offer its workers severance and outplacement assistance.

It seems that the trend is that in a few years, there will only be entertainment venues inside malls and customers will continue to shop online for all of their needs. Bose is just the latest victim.

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