There have been a few very rare lobsters found in the Capital Region in the past year. In each case a different color has been discovered. This time is no different. A rare colored lobster has been found in a local Price Chopper. Last June, a rare orange lobster was found in a tank at a Price Chopper in Wilton and another at the Market Bistro Price Chopper shortly after that in Latham. The odds of finding these orange lobsters are one in ten million.

Now another rare crustacean has popped up in a different Price Chopper location. This time it was discovered at the Market 32 in East Greenbush and it is one of the most rare lobsters on the planet. It is called a calico lobster and looks like this one.

The lobster's coloring is caused by a rare generic defect that causes them to change colors. Some turn orange, blue, white or calico.

According to the Times Union, finding one of these calico lobsters is one in thirty million. The Golub Corporation, who owns the Market 32 in East Greenbush, says they will be donating this one too to the Viaport aquarium in Rotterdam.


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