It seems like we are mentioning more and more department stores filing for bankruptcy and ultimately closing their doors. Another department store will be doing just that here in the Capital Region. On Sunday, another department store with two locations in the Capital Region has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The Bon-Ton department store chain is seeking a financial restructuring plan. The hope of the restructuring is that they won't have to close all the stores.

The chain, which operates 256 stores in 23 states, announced Wednesday that 42 more stores will be closed in 2018 as part of a restructuring plan. The parent company sites on line sales and a decrease in mall traffic.

There are two Bon-Tons in our area. There is a Bon-Ton in Wilton Mall and one in Aviation Mall in Queensbury. They decided to shut down the Aviation Mall location. No word if the Wilton Mall location will be closed at a later date.

Will you miss the Bon-Ton?

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