Even though Nashville, Tennessee, aka Music City, is where most people think of when they think of country music, but there is somewhere else to think about. It’s Carthage, Texas. This is the home of The Texas Country Music Hall of Fame and the Tex Ritter Museum. This place is just about as important as the Ryman Auditorium, and The Grand Ole Opry. Besides Nashville for the home of a lot of country (and western) performers, Texas has also given us many of the talented acts we all love and enjoy. The Texas Country Music Hall was created in 1998 to acknowledge the contributions of Texans to country music. The “hall” highlights those celebrities, living or dead, who are recognized nationally as outstanding in the world of country music.

Let’s think about some of the great people that you will hear, or have heard on WGNA-F.M. that are actually from Texas:

“The Possum”, George Jones, also known in the industry as “The Rolls Royce Of Country Singers”. His first charted hit is “Why Baby Why”, charted in 1955. He is still out there performing and recording today.

Linda Davis, “song stylist”. A quote from Kenny Rogers: “Linda Davis is absolutely one of the best singers in the business. In this business, there are people who can sing and there are singers. She is the best.” The funny thing is, Kenny’s from Texas, but hasn’t been inducted to “the hall’. Some of you may remember Linda for her 1993 duet with Reba McEntire on the song “Does He Love You”. You can now think of her as Mom, too. She’s the mother of Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott.

Willie Nelson, Tanya Tucker, Buck Owens, Johnny Lee, Ernest Tubb, Waylon Jennings, and of course, Tex Ritter. These singers are just some of members of “the hall”. There are quite a few that I didn’t mention.

Before we go on, I know what you’re thinking: He didn’t mention “The King”, George Strait. Yes, George is from Texas, but he had not been inducted to “the hall”.

For the many stars that haven’t been inducted, that doesn’t mean they won’t. This just gives some food for thought when it comes to listening to your favorite country stars, that are not only from Music City, but may actually be from The Lonestar State.