You may have seen the billboards around.  I didn't think about what it meant until I was watching CBS 6 News tonite.  When I heard the idea, I thought it was a brilliant one.  Extraordinary, actually. 

His name, according to the news report is Chris Mullally and is a local "ordinary guy" who wanted to do something extraordinary for the 600,000 children starving in Somalia.  So here's what he's asking for

All I am asking for is $1.00 from 1 million people. Almost everyone has a dollar to give. I not only hope that you have $1.00 to give but that you have 10 or 20 other friends that have $1.00 to give. Please get involved in making a difference $1.00 at a time. Together, lets do something that really matters.

I love this.  I've always thought that you can raise a lot more by VOLUME.  Who's gonna turn down a dollar?   Hopefully not you. This is the link to the news story on CBS 6.

They are also hoping that you can "like" them on Facebook, which you can do at the link below, and you can also find out how to donate.

Congratulations to Mr Mullally for his extraordinary idea