If you are an SNL lover-and you know who you are- you will dig this app.

WARNING - The following app will cause you to experience a total lack of productivity.  Do not attempt to use in a horizontal position( on a comfy couch, for example)  as you may never get up again. 

With that out of the way, I'd like to tell you about the SNL 40th anniversary app (FREE for iPhone)

SNL app

This app is astounding.  Where do you start? Well, It has literally THOUSANDS of sketches from the past 40 years!   How long have they been working on this thing?  You can search for your favorite sketch over the past 4 decades. Did you like the killer bees bit? You can find it with ease! Did you like Gilda Radner?  You can look up and revisit routines that she's has been in.

In fact, according to the description - the app LEARNS your preferences and feeds you content based on your interest.

You swipe from clip to clip.  It's like a funny "Tinder".  That's actually a good analogy when I think about it.  You find love with Tinder, and you'll find real love with this app if you love to smile, and God knows these days we could use more of that!