Scared onlookers and riders were helpless for many minutes while visiting an amusement park in New York after a famous ride began spinning out of control.

According to sources, several people were stuck on the ride until maintenance came in and cut the power. See the video below.

*This story was initially published last Summer*

Music Express

We've all been on a ride similar to this one before. It's called the "Music Express," and it goes around and around, up and down, forward and backward, while the music blares. Usually, the ride lasts a few minutes, but while it malfunctioned, sources say people were on it for as long as ten minutes.

The Music Express is a fast-paced circular ride traveling a track with numerous peaks and valleys. As the name suggests, loud music plays, and lights flash wildly throughout the ride! - 


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Stuck in Reverse

According to the New York Post, the ride got stuck in reverse at full speed, and the emergency shut-off didn't work. The incident has been documented in viral videos throughout TikTok and other social media platforms.

You can hear onlookers shouting for workers to "pull the plug" as they helplessly watched those on the ride careening backward for minutes.

According to the NY Post, maintenance workers at Playland Park in Rye, NY, eventually stopped it by disconnecting the power.

Kids Crying, Parents Upset

According to the NY Post, kids were seen crying after the ride, and parents were upset.  Thankfully, according to sources, no one got hurt.

The park blamed it on an "electrical malfunction," park operators said the ride had been temporarily shut down. 


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