Country guru Scott McCreery was once again safe last night on "American Idol" as well as my favorite, Lauren Alaina.  However, the votes still had to be counted and someone sent home -- or where they?

One of the latest additions to "American Idol" has been the ability of the least faved contestant to sing their way back into the competition after learning their fate.  However, it is up to the judges to decide if they will "save" that contestant or not.  The only problem -- the judges only get one "save" each season.  So over the last two weeks, Ashton and Karen tried to sing to the hearts of the judges, but it didn't work.  This week, though, was a different story.

Casey Abrams, Thia Megia, and Stefano Langone were the bottom three contenders for this week.  And when it came down to the chopping block, Casey had the lowest votes.  I watched all the contestants sing their Mo-Town rendition Wednesday night.  I don't think Casey had the worst performance, but I also don't think he had the best.  Lauren Alaina was by far the best (but I'm bias).  You can expect to see Casey next week because Randy, J-Lo, and Steven decided to keep him on board.  Here is the song he sang to plead for their empathy.

What do you think?  Should he have been saved?

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