With Simon Cowell gone and the additions of Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, there seems to be more emotion on "American Idol" this season than ever before.  Not only do the judges seem more empathetic to the contestants and their stories, but the contestants (or the producers) are showing more emotion on camera as well.

There have been a lot of heart felt stories this season, or so it seems.  I have not been an avid "American Idol" viewer every season, but this season seems much more different than some of the others I have tuned in for. 

If you wcaught last night's episode, you saw some of the final 40 contestants either receiving their ticket for one of 24 final slots or their ticket home.  One story that has revisited many times through the last few weeks, is the one about Chris Medina.  This guy is engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Julianna.  Their engagement happened just a short time before she was unfortunately in a horrific car accident.  Julianna is now reliant on a wheelchair, Chris and her family to help her carry out daily life activities.  Chris has stuck by Julianna through thick and thin and despite her lifestyle change, they still plan to get married. 

However, last night Medina was sent home -- one of 40 that saw their long journey on "American Idol" come to an end (for this season at least).  J-Lo was the judge that delivered the bad news to Chris and after he walked away, she broke down.  The show was to be continued until tonight's show, when they finish narrowing America's search for the next American Idol.  With Lopez's breakdown though, as you will see below in case you missed it, it might be up to Tyler and Jackson to finish delivering the good and bad news to the rest of the contestants.

I guess we'll see if Jennifer Lopez will in fact be able to carry through on tonight's episode of "American Idol."  In case you're afraid of missing what happens tonight, the show airs from 8 to 9pm on Fox.