Do you have an Amazon Ring at your house? The newest in personal home security may have made your information more vulnerable than ever!

Romanian cybersecurity firm Bitdefender has found an issue that may have caused users' WiFi credentials to be transmitted while they were setting up their Amazon Ring device, according to the Daily Dot.

Chances are, it seems like your information is safe to my understanding, as long as your neighbors don't want to steal your information. In order for you to be in danger, "a hacker would either have to be close to the doorbell or already on a user’s WiFi network to grab their credentials."

If it were to happen though, the hacker could have control of the camera, turn it on and off at will, when they would potentially break into your home. Then, once in your network, the hacker could attack other devices that you have attached to the network.

Amazon has already been under hot water for some of their security practices with local law enforcement and the fact that their terms and conditions says that "the company reserves the right to use any video shared by its customers." Especially like days like Halloween, many people's faces are now in footage that Amazon has access to.

Overall, these problems seem so minimal but if you have an Amazon Ring, they are things you should be aware of, at the very least.

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