Spring is here and the warmer weather is coming. That means there will be more and more ticks looking for a place to call home on you and your pets. Here are some reminders on how to protect yourself. It looks as if we will have a higher amount of ticks this season in New York state. According to News 10 ABC, the National Pest Management Association says that the northeast is in for a high population of ticks.

As we all know, ticks can spread Lyme disease and that can cause flu like symptoms, muscle fatigue and stiffness and a rash. To prevent ticks from biting there are a few things to remember.

The New York State Health Department reminds those who are out in tall grass or wooded areas to wear enclosed shoes, light colored clothes, long pants and long sleeved shirts. There is also tick repellent that the state recommends. Plus they advise you to avoid dense wooded areas.


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