With the nicer weather, comes more animals out and about and more potential for them to be in danger. Want to do your part to help?

Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary in Kentucky started trending from their post about how to protect wildlife now that the weather is nicer. You would think that being a wildlife sanctuary, that they would have all of the correct knowledge but some people on their Facebook page disagreed. I'm not an expert on wildlife and turn to places like this for advice. I'm going to tell you what they shared on their page but if you have evidence of how they're incorrect, or better ways to go about these things, please share!

  • Bunnies: If you see a small patch of dead grass in your yard, give it an extra look because it could be a bunny nest. Don't move them, instead put yard over or flour around the nest to protect them.
  • Turtles: If you see a turtle on the side of the road, pull over and if you think you can safety pick them up and move them, do so, or call a local vet or wildlife expert.
  • Birds: If you touched a baby bird, put them back in the nest. It's a common misconception that their mothers with disown them.
  • Skunks: Don't get nervous, they don't want to spray you, leave them alone and walk away.
  • Opossum: If you see them out in the daytime, it doesn't mean that they have rabies. Most are actually naturally immune to it, they may be just getting food for their young.
  • Deer: If you're hiking and see a baby deer by itself, it's best to leave it alone because the Mom left it there thinking it was safe. If you must, call a wildlife expert to check up on it.

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