I don't know if you are a bowler or not but chances are most everyone has taken to the lanes for a few fun games with friends. I have to say, it is something I have always wished I were better at but I just don't have the talent or patience it would take to even break 200.  That is why anyone who can bowl a perfect 300 or even come close to it is pretty impressive to me. This guy, ... I have no words.

As I watched the video a couple things came to mind almost immediately. At first I thought wow, if you are about to attempt a world record and put it video, wouldn't you at least want to put some pants on? Then again, maybe it was warm in that alley. The second thing that came to mind was the fact that there are other normal everyday bowlers in the lanes next to him, what in the world was going through their minds? I mean, how bad would you feel if you were struggling to get pins down with every roll and the guy in the next lane is getting strike after strike, without even looking! Ugh, demoralizing.

Alright check this out, you gotta give this Andrew Cowen credit , it must have taken a long time to learn this particular skill:

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