It's a major decision.  Should you keep that "antiquated" house phone of yours and just rely on the cellphone?  What happens if you have to call 911?  Will they know where you are?  I did a little research for you (no charge)

Many people are doing it.  They are ditching their landline phones and seeking alternatives.  There are many.  But are they any good?   There's a great article about that at that tells us that landlines in some countries are already "passé" and that we may be next.

There are alternatives that use your computer as your "phone system", such as Magic Jack Plus

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One end plugs into your USB on the computer, the other the phone line.  You can make calls for free.  It's 40 for the device.   For $20/year you've got unlimited calls to the U.S. and Canada and all incoming calls are free. Porting your existing number costs $20, and then $10 a year after that.

That's just one of many.  You can also use Skype which allows you to make audio AND video calls.  All you need is a webcam for that.  Of course you don't want to use that for your day to day stuff (plus who wants to see your freshly awakened puss at 7am or vice versa?   That article at gives you many more choices.

And as far as 911 accessibility?  I was wondering about that myself.  That is a fallacy that these alternatives don't let you call 911. Most sell systems now have enhanced 911 features which will triangulate and find your position should a first responder need to get you.

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Quick Computer Keyboard Tip:  Taskbar Shortcut 

Say you have something on your screen that you want quick access to, like a file or a folder or website,  just literally drag it into the taskbar at the top and you can quickly click on it later.  That from  For example, the Taste of Country Music Festival link?  Drag that to the task bar!