In an effort to get all New Yorkers vaccinated, Rensselaer County has come up with a creative way to promote the vaccine. The Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) has wrapped the Vax Bus that will travel around the county all summer long.

Steve McLaughlin who is the Rensselaer County Executive says that they are committed to making sure everyone in the county is vaccinated. He says that the Vax Bus is a fun and convenient way to help the residents get the vaccine according to CBS 6 Albany.

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With seventy percent of New Yorkers being vaccinated according to the Center For Disease Control (CDC), the governor has said he will reopen more of the state. But Capital Region counties are still determined to get their residents vaccinated and with the Vax Bus, they are hoping to do just that.

CDTA CEO Carm Basile says of their commitment:

Connecting our communities to what matters in their life is at the core of what we do and making sure our region has access to getting vaccinated helps to let them make those connections once again.

You will see the Vax Bus all around this summer at concerts, events, and other appearances throughout the county. This will act as a reminder for those that need to be vaccinated. There are thirty vaccination clinics in Rensselaer County alone that are open this month.

Executive Steve McLaughlin thinks that the Vax Bus traveling to events throughout his county will make getting vaccinated easier for all of his residents.

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