It's summer and that usually means big movies every weekend and Lights Camera Jackson always knows the ones that are worth it and the ones you don't need to worry about seeing. Two big movies are coming out this weekend, "Alien: Covenant" and "Everything, Everything" and Jackson saw both of them.

Jackson saw "Alien: Covenant" this week and it's pretty reminiscent of the other Alien movies you've seen. It's a sequel to the movie Prometheus and Michael Fassbender is back playing David, the synthetic survivor from the Prometheus expedition. Just because there's a sequel doesn't mean they're done though, there may be 5 more sequels in the works. Jackson has some interesting thoughts on this.

The other movie he saw was "Everything Everything" about a girl who's allergic to everything who falls in love with her new neighbor. Does her love overcome her allergies? Just going to have to see for yourself!

Jackson also has the scoop on the new movie "Departures" that was being filmed at the Albany International Airport staring Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones and Asa Butterfield from Ender's Game. He went to the filming and saw some other actors you may recognize. Take a listen and find more information on his website Lights Camera Jackson.

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