The Old Farmer's Almanac's winter forecast for Albany is lining up with another famous almanac.

Who knew we needed two almanacs? But we have both, and this year both are predicting a snowy winter for Upstate New York.

The Old Farmer's Almanac revealed a snapshot of their weather outlook for the winter ahead and had this to say: "It’s Snow Time! Get excited, folks in the Northeast! We can’t spill the beans on the entire forecast, but snow lovers should be very excited!" This lines up with the forecast we reported on last month from the Farmers' Almanac predicting a "snowy comeback" for the season ahead.

Like any forecast, things can change very quickly and become completely inaccurate in Upstate New York. Plus, let's be honest: calling for a snowy winter in Upstate New York is not exactly a bold prediction. But it is certainly a point of interest this year after we did not get too much snow last winter. If you love fresh powder for winter activities both of these forecasts are encouraging and hopefully, like the white stuff, they stick.

Personally, I would love a bunch of snow this winter. Being stuck inside because of snow is much easier to take than being stuck inside because of a virus. I also think like everything else in our lives the last 6 months, hitting reset on certain things will help us to just feel more normal. Love or hate snow, I think we would love to see Old Man Winter hit reset and bring us a bunch of it this winter.

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