Ya gotta love Upstate New York. It's mid April, and we have snow in the forecast.

According to the Weather Channel, the Capital Region can expect 1 to 3 inches of snow overnight, with parts of the Catskills getting up to 5 inches. It's just more insanity during what has already been a crazy month. But, we shouldn't be too shocked. This is Upstate New York, and let's be honest - this past winter was not too bad as far snowfall goes. So one little last blast of snow is not a huge deal.

It won't stick around too long either. The Weather Channel says temps will hit 50 Saturday, and if any snow makes it another 24 hours, we will have a high in the mid 60's Saturday.

With everyone staying home right now, snow has probably never been such a small problem. I suggest you sleep in and let the warm temps do the shoveling for ya!

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