Would you know what to do if you were confronted by an active shooter? It's the kind of life and death situation we pray that our children or ourselves are never faced with, but the reality is, this horrifying situation is becoming all too common. The City School District of Albany will partner with the Albany Police Department for a community forum Monday night to help residents learn how to respond if they are confronted with a potentially life-threatening emergency situation.

According to Albanyschools.org, the Active Shooter Response Training will be offered in the Albany High School auditorium beginning at 6:30 p.m. Monday. Albany police officers will provide a wide range of information about shootings, fires and other emergency situations that can occur in public places. 

The 90-minute presentation and discussion will aim to provide community members with the knowledge and information they need to be able to respond in case of an emergency. The Albany Police Department created a video available on its website to address questions from the public regarding what you can do during an active shooter situation.


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