Enjoying our high of 1 degree today? Plenty of cold could be on the way for the last full month of winter.

Usually, at this point of the season, we are thinking winter will lose a little bit of its bite. This year, that may not be the case. Later this week things will warm up for a bit and we'll get a break from the cold, but according to a Weather Channel story Albany could have a frigid February.

The report says temps will be 'near or slightly below average' the rest of January, but February could be 'well below average.' A Weather Company Meteorologist attributes the extended cold to a polar vortex that could cause less movement of cold air in the atmosphere, leading to extended spells of cold temperatures.

So the polar vortex is back, and it is going to be a tough stretch to wrap up winter. Let's hope Punxsutawney Phil is brave enough to leave his burrow on Groundhog Day and hopefully give us a better forecast for the home stretch of winter!


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