Albany police responded to a call on Tuesday night after learning that a man's home was allegedly being robbed.  When police got there and were inside the man's home, they found a boatload of pot in the guys house.  According to the police report, it was no less than 51 pounds of marijuana.

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I don't know what the street value of 51 pounds of marijuana is, but I would imagine it's more than a few bucks, and something that you'd probably try to hide.  But when Albany Police responded to the burglary call at 10:45 PM Tuesday night on the 200 block Manning Blvd in Albany,  they couldn't help but notice the stash of weed that equaled roughly the size of a large bag of dog food inside the home.

According to the report from News 10 ABC, when police officers got the house, there were no signs of the burglars in sight.  And while it appeared as though the would-be thieves had gotten away, much to their surprise,  the person they would ultimately arrest was inside the house.

According to the Albany Police, Christian Deluna, 25, of Albany, was taken into custody at the scene and charged with possession of the prodigious amount of pot.

The street value of 51 pounds of weed is somewhat debatable, but it's believed to be in the neighborhood of a $100,000 - $150,000 dollars.


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