There is a new NHL hockey team getting ready to play in Las Vegas, but the trademark for their nickname was denied because of a conflict with the College of St. Rose.

The new Vegas hockey team, which will take the ice next season. recently announced their nickname will be the 'Golden Knights,' which is of course is the nickname for the sports teams at St. Rose. According to CBS, the hockey teams trademark application was denied because the college already owns the nickname.

At this point, there is still hope for both to co-exist. the article says the team can make it's case for both organizations using the nickname, as there are other existing college and pro teams currently using the same nickname.

This is pretty interesting. A college of about 5,000 people is keeping a pro team out in Vegas from doing as they wish. Maybe they could make a deal for some grant money to let the hockey team use the name, right? That would be a win win for everyone!


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