To a lot of people, summertime means getting out to enjoy the outdoors and maybe doing some yard work. Most people do their best to make their yards look really nice. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But that's ok. At least there's an effort. Overall, yard work can be labor intensive, especially when you try to decorate your landscaping. So I thought I would bring to you a few popular, and maybe unusual, lawn decorations found in the Albany area.

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    Wind Spinners

    Wind spinners sort of give you the feeling of just drifting in the wind, even though you're stuck in the ground. You can buy them at Loews, Home Depot or any store that sells lawn stuff.

    Lou Roberts Collection
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    Flower Carts

    These are very nice. Some people have been known to use an old barbecue grill or even a toilet to do this, prompting a Jeff Foxworthy "you might be a redneck" reference.

    Lou Roberts
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    Rock and Ceramic Mushroom

    Rocks are free. Did they grow that mushroom?

    Lou Roberts
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    Plastic Pink Flamingo

    How long have these things been around? I hate to admit it, but they are a classic. And as almost always, even a website for the "critters." I'll take 10 of them.

    Lou Roberts
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    The fire hydrant is real. The gnomes aren't. After going past this little display several times, the owner moves them around to different areas of the yard. I think they believe they're protecting the house. What makes this even funnier, there's a planned boycott of the gnomes and other lawn stuff. One more thing about these individuals is wanting an autograph. After all, they star in the tv commercials.

    What do you use for a lawn ornament?

    Lou Roberts