So you need a job and you don't know where to look. Fear not! Here are some great resources online to find a new job in the Albany area. Click the title of each resource to visit their site.

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    Indeed is a great national site with a pretty good catalog of jobs. The site pulls from all sorts of sources for a pretty comprehensive collection of open jobs. There are a few jobs though that are clearly not paying as much as the site lists them as - but it's still a good resource.

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    You never know what you'll find here - perhaps a scam - so be careful (as with any online job resource) before you share too much personal information. On the other hand you might find a gem; we know a guy who found a job with Google who listed themselves as a "startup company" so they could get a fair and balanced pool of applicants.

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    New York State Dept of Labor

    The NY State Dept of labor job bank has the drawback that you HAVE TO register first and create an account before you can browse jobs. Sometimes there are career path jobs but often times they are jobs that are either entry level or something you use to get buy other than fast food.

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    Times Union

    As "antique" as the newspaper may be, they do have a reputation as a place to list jobs and many employers still do so. Also the Times Union job site is powered by so there is an even more comprehensive list of jobs that are open. Monster also provides lots of tips for job seeking too, and any advice that's free is always welcome.

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    Capital Area Help Wanted

    This site is local and part of a larger network, Regional Help Wanted - which is actually one of the great companies based in Albany. Many of our employees have found jobs via listings on Capital Area Help Wanted and nearly every small and large employer of note in the Albany area participates. This is our very favorite resource for jobs in the Albany area.