The Dollard family of East Greenbush came home from a weekend away and found a bullet in their tv.

Dollard and some of their neighbors have been complaining to the police for a while about gunshots being fired from a neighboring property. According to a story from YNN, Dollard said, “Right here at the kitchen table is where we sit and eat and if you draw a line from where the bullet came in, to the television on that wall, any day I would've been sitting there eating dinner or breakfast.”

There are three men being investigated by police. One of them is 17-years-old. They allegedly having target practice, were using an AR-15 which may have misfired. This happened on a neighboring property near the Dollard's house.

The Dollards are known to have several children playing in their yard, which causes even more concern about this.

The police hopefully will help come up with a solution as they are talking to the Dollards and some other people that may be involved. You have to wonder what someone's thinking when they're shooting a gun near someone's house, especially when you're supposed to be at least 500 feet from a house.