Running a small business requires hard work and dedication unlike any other job. When the rest of America is off the clock at 5pm, small business owners are still working, worrying and wondering what to do next.  Marc Renson, the owner of Ambition Cafe in Schenectady, New York found a way to share the struggles of owning your own business by writing a book titled 'Is The Coffee Fresh?'

Renson has been successful launching his own Coffee House and Cafe in downtown Schenectady, and now he's enjoying the success of a national book release!  We had the chance to ask the creative business owner some questions while enjoying a cup of 'Ambition' at the popular Jay Street location.

What was the biggest struggle in opening your own business?

The biggest struggle was hiring qualified labor, after that upkeep on an old building.

What's the biggest reward of running your own business?

The biggest reward is carving out a place truly all my own, but that is a doubled bladed sword, because I am also responsible for everything that goes wrong! Not many people want that burden.

Ambition is a perfect name for a coffee house. Where did you come up with the name for your business?

Ambition's name came from Dolly Parton's song '9 To 5'--tumble to the kitchen, poured myself a cup of Ambition!

What's the funniest story revealed in your book?

My funniest story is about the man who asked, "what's in the potato, beer and cheese soup?"  I told him "dandelion greens, Yak milk and Spaghettios."  Really mister?  What do you think is in potato beer and cheese soup?!

What country song best describes your life?

The country song that best describes my life would have to be, hands down, Dolly's '9 To 5.'  She captures the listener writing about daily life, the things we all do, follows that with trials and tribulations, then respecting and believing in yourself and going out there and doing it! That song is very inspirational to me! In fact right now, my eyes are misty! Thank you Dolly!

To learn more about the hit book 'Is The Coffee Fresh?' click here.



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