Across, up, down, or diagonal will not only win you a prize but you will be helping to support Troy businesses. The Downtown Troy Improvement District or the Troy BID helps over twenty downtown businesses in a unique game of Spring BINGO.

Not that you need an excuse to head to downtown Troy to enjoy shopping and amazing restaurants but now you have an extra incentive. Many of the Troy business owners credit those who shopped locally during the pandemic to keep their doors open. Now more than ever, local businesses need help. This Spring BINGO game is another way to drum up more business for those struggling in downtown Troy according to News 10 ABC.

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Downtown Troy's Spring BINGO is really easy to play. Just download the game board from the Downtown Troy Improvement District website HERE. You can create your own unique game for chances to win a spring prize pack. All you have to do is go into downtown Troy and shop and eat. Then you mark your spaces. Get five in a row either across, down, up, or diagonal then email or post on social media with the hashtag #troybid your BINGO board to win. You must submit by April 30th.

Troy business owner, Vic Christopher said:

We worked together, and we really helped each other get through this pandemic…Business was slow but that afforded us and everyone around here an unprecedented opportunity to rebuild and retool and change things and get ready for what’s going to be the best summer in the history of this city

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