This pandemic has been tough on a lot of people especially local small businesses. One coach is trying to help with a program he created to give them an extra boost. Here's how you can help too. According to News 10 ABC, there is a local basketball coach who has stepped up to create a campaign to give local businesses a way to survive during the pandemic. The Coaches vs. COVID campaign was created by the varsity basketball coach Chris Cottrell.

Chris Cottrell wasn't coaching because high-risk sports were on pause because of the pandemic, so he decided he wanted to try and make a difference in his community. He wanted to try and help those small businesses as they fight to stay open. The campaign's goal is to urge the community to shop and buy local while promoting his Coaches vs. COVID apparel. The purchase of the apparel provides relief funds to research groups of COVID-19.

After you buy one of the Coaches vs COVID pieces, people are urged to go out into the community and purchase something at one of their favorite local businesses. Then take a picture in the apparel and hashtag it on social media #leadlocal.

Coach Cottrell said that these local businesses always support the school and the basketball team so they wanted to step up and return the favor in a time of need. He said of the campaign:

It’s our responsibility as coaches to demonstrate to our players, to our student-athletes, to our programs, what do you do when you’re up against it? We are leaders in our school districts, we are leaders in our athletic programs, and we have to practice what we preach and I think this is what you do when you hear the opportunity or the platform to do something, you do it.

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