Want to travel but hate the thought of having to get on a plane? It's faster but it's terrifying! Albany International wants to help.

Let's face it, flying is the easiest and quickest way to get somewhere but the science of something that heavy balancing in the sky isn't lost on some people. Albany International Airport wants to help your fear of flying with a class in a couple of weeks.

The 'Fear of Flying' class is two hours and will be held on October 5th, according to the Times Union. Their hope is that this class will "help people who have a fear of flying to feel more comfortable riding in airplanes for travel." The class will cost $60 and start at 10:00am, you can call 518-242-2230 to make a reservation.

No idea what you'll learn in two hours that will quell your fear but they did mention that it will include a presentation by a retired Southwest Airlines pilot about the safety features of the aircraft and how they work.

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