Boy-it never lets up, does it?  First the planes with the unintentional  built in sky lights, next it's Michele Obama and her near miss with the military plane and then, not to be outdone, yet another air traffic controller not paying attention!  

 According to an article at,  they are at least attempting to do something about the sleeping incidents:

In the wake of eight separate sleeping incidents involving air traffic controllers, the Federal Aviation Administration has added a second controller to towers at some 20 other airports across the country where only one controller once staffed the night shift.

So what they are saying here is that for all this time there was just one person there?  Hey, if a pilot needs a co-pilot, I would think that a controller should have a co-controller.  Yes, planes are pretty much computer guided, but it's still pretty darn important that there are humans (plural) there to guide in these huge winged hunks of metal.

Remember when everyone was upset recently that there was a kid who was brought in to be "air traffic controller for the day"? Hell, bring him back! At least somebody's awake!!!!!

What punishment would you give to these people who fall asleep on the job? I'd fire them immediately and put them with like minded people---THE NEW YORK STATE LEGISLATURE!

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