There is a huge housing shortage in Saratoga Springs for nurses, teachers, hotel, and restaurant workers. A company from central New York that specializes in affordable housing is looking to help that problem. They just need approval.

What is the Company Looking to Do?

The company is Liberty Affordable Housing and they are hoping to get a zoning change to build one hundred ninety-eight apartments. They are targeting certain tenants. Because there is a shortage of housing for teachers, nurses, and hotel and restaurant workers, they will appeal directly to them. They are eyeing a parcel of land near the Saratoga Casino Hotel.

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Where Would The Affordable Apartments be Built?

The two four-story apartment complexes would be built near the corner of Jefferson Street and Cresent Avenue according to the Albany Business Review. This is close to the entrance to the Northway and near the Saratoga Race Course. Each building would contain ninety-nine apartments.

Who Would Be Able to Rent These Apartments?

The complex would be known as the Liberty Saratoga Apartments and it would be for those whose household income range between $44,520 and $84,800 annually. This is to allow those in the workforce to be able to afford rent in Saratoga Springs.

The final decision to build is dependent on rezoning and up to the Saratoga Springs planning board and the city council.

Liberty Affordable Housing is no stranger to the Capital Region. They have affordable housing complexes in Latham, Amsterdam, Queensbury, and North Creek.




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