Want to relive part of your childhood? Well, be a kid again and search for eggs and goodies at this year's Adult Easter Egg Hunt!

The 9th Annual Capital Region Grown Up Egg Hunt is back in its original home in Troy on April 19th, 2020. According to the TroyBID, the egg hunt "started in 2012 as part of a Leukemia & Lymphoma fundraiser." It has since changed homes, grown, and now, it's back.

Tickets to the Grown-Up Easter Egg Hunt are only $20 and available through the TroyBID website. They promise easy, medium, and hard eggs to try and find by strolling through Troy, taking in the great businesses they have there and hopefully finding some eggs.

This egg hunt though, isn't the same as the ones you remember from being a kid. Instead of just candy, this egg hunt has gift cards, jewelry, beverages, and more! Yes, there is still candy in some of them if you really want to relive your childhood. You must be 21+ in order to participate and it's a bring your own basket/container event. The event is limited to 500 participants.

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