Last weekend I grabbed two friends and headed to Adirondack Extreme. If you've never been or aren't sure what it is, the best way to find out is by going. If you love the outdoors and having fun, then you need to be familiar with this awesome course. 

The course itself is an aerial tree top adventure course. That doesn't mean you have to wear a loincloth  like Tarzan and swing among the trees - although there is a rope or two to swing on. The course has zip lines, suspension bridges, and other swinging, swaying, fun obstacles to get from one tree to another. The course also has five levels you can go through starting with a very easy course that nearly anyone can handle up to a pretty difficult course. We made it through the first four out of five coures before we realized we need to hit the gym.

You do have to be healthy but don't think you have to be a gym rat to hit the course - I'm not in any sort of shape and I was able to get a good workout as were my buddies.

When you arrive they fit you with a safety harness - and give you a rundown of safety. They definably put safety first and from there you go through a practice course, which again, safety is the topic that dominates the conversation. Once they are comfortable with you being safe, they'll set you on your way to the first course. The guides also keep an eye on you to make sure if you need help with an obstacle, or perhaps getting down, that they can help. They also will make sure you're following the safety guidelines. You're always attached to something via your safety harness, and I never once had any worries about being safe.

The course isn't hard but instead quite fun. Getting across each obstacle gives you a rush of accomplishment and it's fun to laugh at yourself keeping your balance. It's even more fun to laugh at your friends or family for making the same goofy faces you just did.

The first course was a breeze, as was the second course. The third course slowed us down a bit but was still fun. One of my friends loved the zip lines the best - I like the obstacles where you have to really concentrate an have a strategy. My other friend, who was afraid of heights, actually felt very confident in his adventure because the safety harness helped him relax and enjoy the course. One of the zip lines on the course actually zips right down the same path as the stream that flows through the course providing a nice, cooling breeze. If you're into zip lines - like one of my friends loved - they you'll love the two huge tandem zip lines that aren't part of any particular course but freestanding. We did those a few times at the end for fun.

There's a kids course too which looked like the kids were having a blast on - although I'm kind of short, I think I'm to tall for that course. I also haven't been a kid in 20 years. Nonetheless, Adirondack Extreme is a great destination for the entire family.

We each ended the day excited about our next trip up to the course - but next time we're bringing more friends.